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Dental Surgery

Surgical Dental Treatment

Delivering excellence in surgical care

We’re proud to provide all-encompassing surgical dental treatments right here in our clinic. We can perform nearly every case that comes to us, including wisdom teeth removal, root canals, and even very complex cases including high-tech dental implants.

Surgical Treatments

  • What are the signs of an infected tooth?
    Your dentist is the best person to diagnose your need for a root canal, but a few signs to - - keep an eye out for include: - Constant toothache - Lingering tooth sensitivity - Sore and sensitive jawbone - Chipped or fractured tooth (even small breaks and chips in your teeth can lead to advanced decay and infection)
  • How long does a root canal take?
    A root canal typically takes about 60-90 minutes, and it’s possible your root canal treatment will be divided into two separate appointments. We’ll help you understand what to expect.
  • How much does it cost to get a root canal?
    Dental insurance may cover a portion of your root canal treatment. Before scheduling your treatment, we’ll outline the cost as well payment plans and no-interest financing options that may be available to you.
  • Are root canals safe?
    Yes. Root canals are proven to stop infection and save teeth. Roughly 25 million root canals are performed every year. There is no scientific evidence supporting the connection between root canal-treated teeth and disease or problems elsewhere in the body.

Restoring your smile & your faith in the dentist

We have been offering dental care to Edmonton and its surrounding areas since 1997. We are here to help take care of your oral health by offering a wide array of dental services to suit your individual needs. 


Our staff members each bring in a level of commitment and years of experience to the practice and have all attained high standards of professional qualification.  We endeavour to provide optimal service in all facets of dentistry and to carry it out in the most comfortable and caring way possible.

Dental Care Edmonton
Oral Surgery Service in Edmonton

Your Trusted Dental Surgery Service in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you looking for dental surgery services in Edmonton, Alberta? Dental Service Group is your trusted destination for professional dental surgery services. With experienced dentists, and a fully equipped dental surgery clinic, our team is dedicated to providing quality care. Whether you require wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant placement, or any other dental surgery service, our skilled team ensures your comfort and well-being.


With a commitment to excellence and a focus on patient satisfaction, Dental Service Group is the trusted choice for dental surgery in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. Trust us for your dental surgery needs and experience the difference in your smile's health and appearance.

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