Appointment Instructions 

The following will apply for all patients who attend an appointment at our office:


  • please text us when you arrive and we will tell you when to come in to the building. Please do not come in unless you were told to.

  • only the patient is allowed in the building

    • if the patient is a minor, only one parent is allowed to accompany the patient

    • if the patient is an adult and is being sedated, only one escort is allowed to accompany the patient

  • the parent/escort will be required to wait in the waiting room and not leave the building

  • there will be instructions on the back door when you arrive, but the instructions are as follows:

    • if you have your own mask, please bring it with you (we can provide one if you don't have one)

    • Parent/Escort - put on face mask 

    • Parent/Escort & Child - use hand sanitizer 

    • Knock on door when you both are ready

    • We will then take both of your temperatures

    • if you are coming with anyone else, we will be required to take their temperatures as well from the vehicle

    • you will then have a seat in our waiting room

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